Bruny Island walks

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Tree House walk

The Alonnah Sheepwash Bay Walk

The Tree House to Pub track

There are lots of great walks to do on Bruny Island. At the bottom of The Tree House you will find a track that leads to the beach at Alonnah. The path has a lot of history because it was a dray track used for carting timber to the old wharf at the end of Sheepwash Bay. Once you get to the beach you can keep walking until you find the Bruny Hotel. There are a set of stairs that lead from the beach to the Pub.

Great walk to do on Bruny Island

Great walk to do on Bruny Island



Cape Queen Elizabeth track

The walk takes three and a half hours. The track is located next to aerodrome on the main road just past Great Bay. The terrain is fairly flat for most of the way and the walk is suitable for someone who is reasonably fit. The walk is beautiful and most of the track follows the coast.




Bruny Island Lighthouse

Bruny Island Lighthouse -The Tree House Accommodation

The Lighthouse Cape Bruny

Located at Cape Bruny, the Lighthouse is one the oldest lighthoue towers in Tasmania and Australia. To light its laten it used whale oil. It began protecting shipping traffic in March 1838. ┬áIt’s now solar powered and un-manned. For more information on the Cape Bruny Lighthouse, click on the heading above.

The are some great walks to do from the lighthouse and surrounding area.

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